This part of the project is realised in cooperation with Foundation for European Progressive Studies.


In the first half of 2014, five national seminars were organized in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Poland respectively. The programme of each seminar included roundtable discussion with national experts on integration, public debate and off-record meetings with politicians and party experts from centre-left parties. Based on the publication POLITICS AND POLICIES OF INTEGRATION IN AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, CZECHIA, DENMARK AND AT THE EU LEVEL  produced during the first part of the project, political representatives were provided with general recommendationson how to communicate integration of minorities. The aim of the national seminars was to find specific solutions to address the most sensitive issues concerning minorities in each involved country.

Input and feedback received by various participants at the five national seminars are to be processed and will be reflected in the materials, which are to be presented at a regional seminar taking place in Bratislava between 27th and 28th November 2014.

The participants will have an opportunity to share their experience with integration of minorities and immigrants. Furthermore, they will receive training on how to communicate the issues of integration in order to reduce influence of extremist political parties in this agenda. All participants are to be provided with a country-specific analysis with the precise recommendations, aimed mainly at the leadership as well as the remaining members of their political faction.

Political parties addressed during the five national seminars:

Party National abbrev. Country
Czech Social Democratic Party ČSSD Czech Republic
Social democracy SMER Slovakia
Social Democratic Party of Austria* SPÖ Austria*
Hungarian Social Democratic Party MSZDP Hungary
Hungarian Socialist Party MSZP Hungary
Democratic Left Alliance SLD Poland
Union of Labour UP Poland
*Consultations were conducted with the representatives of the Political academy of the Social Democratic Party of Austria, the Karl Renner Institute.