PRESS RELEASE: Facing Political Extremism in Visegrad Countries

The international project, coordinated by the European Values Think-Tank, a Prague-based non-partisan institute, in cooperation with the League of Human Rights, a Czech advocacy NGO based in Brno, “Defining Responses to Rise of Extremism in Europe” responds to the rise of populism and political extremism in Europe directed against minorities. It addresses reactions of mainstream parties to the radical rhetoric of populist and far-right extremist parties. This project is mainly funded by the Open Society Foundations Think Tank Fund and co-funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

The project’s findings are derived from a recently published monograph Politics and policies of integration in Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Denmark and at the EU level and were presented at the National Seminars from the 7th April and 25th July in the countries belonging to the Visegrad Group, and Austria.

The five National Seminars, consisting of roundtable discussions and public debates, included individual consultations at which the politicians and party experts of the EPP and PES member parties were provided with general recommendations on how to communicate integration of minorities.

The inputs collected throughout these seminars are to be presented at the two regional workshops for centre-right and centre-left politicians, taking place in Brno in October 2014, and in Bratislava in November 2014, respectively.