National Seminar in Budapest consisted of two parts: Expert Roundtable and Public Discussion on the integration of minorities. In addition we conducted closed consultations with the leaders and experts of the PES member parties.

During the public debate the results of an international research project were presented. The study showed that one of the reasons of growing popularity of protest populist parties in Europe is the fact that the mainstream parties fail to communicate the problematic of integration of minorities and immigrants.

Are honored speakers included Attila Ágh, University Professor, Corvinus University, Tamás Boros, Director, Policy Solutions, Angela Kocze, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Studies; Wake Forest University NC, Julia Szalai, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, CEU. Radko Hokovský, Executive Director, European Values Think-Tank presented the results of the study and the debate was moderated by Jakub Janda, Deputy Director, European Values Think-Tank.

The Debate was held under the project “Defining Responses to Rise of Extremism in Europe” which is realized in cooperation with the League of Human Rights and with the support of ink Tank Fund Open Society Foundations and International Visegrad Fund on 23rd of July 2014 at Aranytíz Cultural Center, Arany János u. 10, Budapest.

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